Action and Adventure with ReCycle Rides

Posted on March 1, 2010 by


After a fairly difficult few months of weather, things are on the up, spring is here and it’s time to start enjoying bikes again.

Riding in winter can be hard on you and very hard on your bike and kit; many folks can’t face cycling in the depths of winter. But it’s about to get warmer, and much nicer to get out on two wheels. We are going to run a programme of events focusing on adventure cycling – BMX, Mountain bikes and North Shore. We want to run as many of our events as possible as open access, free events. We want to provide the equipment needed such as bikes and helmets for free. We are currently awaiting funding news, which we hope will mean we can run lots of different sessions.

Last Saturday BMX Club in Meersbrook Park will be back, we’ll do mountain bike rides in the local woods and hopefully even the Peak District and our North Shore course will be out again this summer all over Sheffield. Of course, we’ll be at the Heeley Festival too.

We want to run these events mostly for young people, but have catered for all ages and last year had riders from age 4 to folks old enough they won’t admit their age! You need to be able to ride a bike, but don’t have to be a skilled BMX rider, or even have a bike. Come and give it a go this year!

The programme isn’t set yet, but as soon as it is, it will appear on our blog – check it out at

 We will also be sending it, and any other news, to our mailing list – email to join.