Language of Success! – Newfield School

Posted on March 1, 2010 by


In January 2010, students from various schools across South Yorkshire took part in a full day’s Languages Workshop at Sheffield Hallam University as part of their ‘Routes into Languages’ Programme.  The aim of the day was to help students  understand  the importance of foreign languages in today’s world. 

Students met with Chinese students which allowed them an insight into different cultures, and then worked in groups to produce an outstanding presentation in French. 

Part of their task was to spend time planning a family holiday to Paris, including flights, hotels and activities.  They then spoke clear, complex French to a lecture theatre full of students from other schools. 

Newfield’s students – Phoebe Bruce, Nathan Kirby, Adam Wallace, Travis Cartwright, Sophie Moore, Elizabeth Peake, Luke Smith, Hannah Baker, Abbie Fridlington and Kathryn Goligher – were outstanding and won 1st prize for their French pronunciation and their Powerpoint presentation.