Heeley Online Centre – ‘Net offers lifeline for nonliners’

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Heeley Online Centre

Heeley Online Centre


  Ten years ago a job seeker would have gone to a job centre to find work, a hobbyist might have joined an evening class to pursue a love of art and a person struggling to pay their bills may have turned to social services. Now they go online.         

There is still a digital divide in the UK with 20% of the population – about 10 million people – still having no experience of using computers or the internet.         

But increasingly people are seeing a value in technology and many are getting their first taste of the internet at one of 6,000 UK Online centres dotted around the country.         

Heeley Online Centre in Sheffield is typical, and its daily sessions are always busy.         

Follow this link to see more of the Heeley Online Centre feature on the BBC website which includes a great video about some of the Heeley residents that use the Centre.         


Heeley Online Centre

Heeley Online Centre, 62-68 Thirlwell Road, Heeley, S8 9TF


 The Heeley Online Centre is open daily, please call Maxine Bowler on 0114 2500613 (or email maxine.b@heeleydevtrust.com) for more info about the Centre and details of free online courses.