Finney’s is Moving!

Posted on June 1, 2010 by


Finney’s Are On the Move!

After 16 happy years based at Ash Tree Yard on Thirlwell Road, Finney’s Wood Finishes are moving premises.

Finney’s is a gem of a shop supplying every kind of wood finish you can imagine plus unusual items such as brassware and special mouldings, not to mention owner Mark Finney’s encyclopaedic knowledge of all things wood. 

The move sees them heading into North East Derbyshire – a canny move as Mark discovered when he plotted on a map where his customers were coming from. 

Says Mark, “When we looked into it, we realised that very few customers were travelling across the city centre to us, but plenty were coming from the Chesterfield area due to easy access from there into Sheffield.”  It is hoped that Finney’s will retain it’s existing customer base from the south of Sheffield and expand it’s base in North East Derbyshire.

Mark will be making return trips into Heeley – not least to carry on his tradition of delivering a box of biscuits at Christmas to the couple across the road!

From June 22, Finney’s new address (just 4 minutes from Meadowhead roundabout) will be: Riverside, 655 Sheffield Road, Sheepbridge Business Centre, Derbys S41 9ED.

Tel: 01246 261664

Mark and Sue look forward to seeing you there!