Meet Mandy Clarke

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Meet Mandy Clarke: Informal Learning Advocate

Mandy Clarke is an Informal Learning Advocate at Heeley City Farm. Mandy, a mum of 2 and keen adult learner for over 4 years, has been volunteering in Heeley, Abbeydale, Batemoor and Jordanthorpe since January as an Informal Learning Advocate, working with Liz Bowman, the local Learning Champion.

Mandy is very enthusiastic, often to be found chatting outside the school gates, visiting toddler groups and handing out leaflets about the range of adult learning courses in the local community.

Mandy is keen to share her positive experiences of adult learning and encourage other people to sign up for the free and low-cost courses that can help with getting a job, or just getting out of the house.  She has recently completed the Learning Champion’s Training, free of charge, and a Personal Development course, to add to her impressive list of community-based qualifications.

Mandy has already engaged with over 100 new learners as well as supporting in classes such as computers and complementary therapy. She understands the problems parents face in finding childcare to allow them to take courses (not to mention doing their ‘homework!) and petitions for free on-site crèches whenever possible.

If you want to speak to Mandy or Liz about local learning opportunities, they are based at Heeley City Farm and can be contacted on 07817 006437 or 0114 2580482.   Please leave a message as they can’t always pick up the phone immediately.