Newfield Young Leader’s Success!

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Newfield Young Leaders Success

One of our bright and enthusiastic Bronze Young Leaders has been chosen by the FA to attend the National FA Leadership Camp in July at Wolverhampton.

Sam’s Story

Last year the PE department at Newfield School were asked to nominate pupils for the POINTS School Sports Partnership Leadership Academy.  Sam Ledger was one name everyone agreed would make a great candidate. 

He didn’t disappoint!  He has taken part in numerous sporting occasions from coaching disability sports to carrying the flag for Great Britain at the World Volleyball Championships.

Sam was then a natural addition to the Sheffield Academy of Young Leaders ( SAYLS).   After attending a Junior Football Organisers Award ran by SAYLS he completed a work placement at Sheffield Wednesday.

Sam seems thrilled to be a part of the Sheffield Leadership and Volunteering programme stating, ‘I have received a letter from the FA to say that I have been selected for the FA National Leadership Camp in July.  I’d just like to say thank you for the opportunities you have given me in the lead up to the camp, which I am very excited about.’

It will be interesting to watch the future unfold for Sam as he continues to impress everyone along the way!