Save Adult Community Courses!

Posted on June 1, 2010 by


The recent national and local budget cuts in adult community learning have meant both fewer local courses and less money to support things like childcare and travel expenses, a situation the Sheffield Learning Champions are campaigning hard to change.

A demonstration against the cuts was held on the steps of the Town Hall earlier this year with the protest featured on Calendar. In April, there was a public meeting at SADACCA where learners shared their stories of how community learning had benefited them.  

Please sign the petitions at Heeley City Farm and Heeley Development Trust if you want your voice to be heard. Over 200 people have already done so and the petitions have been handed to the South Community Assembly and to a Full Council Meeting.

For more info, contact Maxine at Heeley Development Trust (0114 2500613) or Liz Bowman at Heeley City Farm (0114 2580482).