South Community Assembly Update

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Our next meeting and roadshow is taking place on:

Thursday 10th June

St Peter’s Church (corner of Woodstock Road and Empire Road), Abbeydale, S7 1GS.

5pm – 6pm Roadshow

(information about services and activities)

6.30pm Public Meeting 

How Do You Want Sheffield to Develop?

The Sheffield Development Framework or ‘SDF’ is the Plan that says how the city should develop in the future. 

The Council is gearing up to ask people their views on parts of the draft SDF during the summer.  You know your streets and the places you spend your time in better than anyone.  This is your chance to share your views on the future of the city. 

The plan covers the whole of Sheffield.  It is made up of a family of documents and a map.  The consultation over the summer will be on the ‘City Policies and Sites’ document and the ‘Proposals Map’.  The ‘City Policies and Sites’ document will help us make planning decisions.  It also identifies sites and areas for new development.  The ‘Proposals Map’ shows how these proposals will affect different areas.

To find out more visit  – you will find information on where to see the document and map, how to share your views and details of SDF events.  You can also email or call the SDF hotline (0114) 2053075.


The Heeley area of Sheffield will be under the spotlight week commencing 14 June. The Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team together with Partner Agencies, have been tackling a range of issues, which were previously identified as part of walkabout on 18 May.  The walkabout commenced at 10:00am starting from Heeley City Farm.  Representatives from a range of agencies were available to listen to your comments and concerns.

South Yorkshire Police have a range of planned operations and initiatives during the week, including high viability patrols, shed alarm fitting, and general crime reduction advice.

Officers will also deploy to key locations a recently acquired Speed Camera and Speed Advisory sign that has been funded by South Community Assembly.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue will be visiting homes through out the week, offering free smoke alarm fitting and home fire safety risk assessments.

Should you have an issue that you feel need addressing, i.e. blocked street drains, faulty street lights, and were unable to attend the Week of Action walkabout please contact the Streetforce call centre on 2734567.

If you would like further information regarding the Week of Action contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team 0114 2963680