Goat-load of new arrivals – Sheffield Star

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Published Date: 07 June 2010
Heeley City FarmCUTE new arrivals are brightening up the scene at farms in Sheffield!
Heeley City Farm has just welcomed a rare baby Golden Guernsey goat, while staff at Mayfield Alpacas, at Ringinglow, are celebrating the birth of their first baby alpaca of the season.

The ginger-coloured Golden Guernsey goat has been christened Gemini by workers in Heeley, and she’s already proving popular with visitors young and old.

Jill Brookes, Heeley City Farm manager, said: “She’s beautiful, really friendly – she likes people already. Goats are quite friendly anyway, and kids like small animals.

“We’ve called her Gemini because that’s the star sign she’s born in. We’re calling them all star signs at the moment, I’m not sure what we’ll do when we run out of names!”

Gemini is bonding well with her alpaca mum, Angel, three.

“It’s the first time she’s had a baby,” Jill said, adding the goat’s dad Elvis, six, is being kept in the pen next door.

“He can look over and see her,” she said.

The first documented reference to the Golden Guernsey breed dates from 1826, over a century before the goats were first exported to Britain from the Channel Islands in 1965.

Gemini has joined a vast menagerie of animals at Heeley City Farm, including sheep, horses, pigs, ducks, hens and geese.