Wet Sounds 2010 Underwater Festival

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Wet Sounds is coming back to Heeley Pool  by popular demand on Sunday 25th July 2010, 1.30pm – 2.15pm and 2.15- 3.00pm! 

What is Wet Sounds?

 Touring swimming pools in the UK and abroad, Wet Sounds presents sound art and music collages to the public outside the niche gallery setting. The audience floats in the water with ears submerged immersed in sound rippling through the water.
Wet Sounds can be enjoyed by:
  • People hard of hearing or deaf people can enjoy sound/music in a way they might have never before because of the amplified sensation of sound through the ear drum.
  • The diverse community of Heeley and surrounding areas, as the event is open to all the public.
  • Educational purposes, workshops for schools about how sound works and different underwater sounds from undersea life.
  • Art lovers, sound art lovers.
  • Sound artists as well as artists from other disciplines who will respond to the challenge for underwater speakers and a pool environment.
Come and try this magical experience today! Booking is essential as there are limited places available so contact us to book your place or call 0114 250 0443 for more information.
You can also have a look at this website for details of past events around the UK.
Heeley Pool 
Broadfield Road
S8 0XQ
 0114 2500443