Hazelhurst CSA Co-operative

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Connecting local people to locally grown organic food

If you are you interested in:

  • local, healthy, organic food
  • a project that could lower Sheffield’s carbon footprint
  • getting connected to where your food comes from
  • getting involved, investing your skills, labour or cash

This project may be for you!

We are a group of Sheffield people mostly based in the Heeley/Meersbrook area, who are involved with Transition Sheffield. We are motivated by the challenges of climate change and peak oil (concerns over the ongoing availability and growing costs of fossil fuels) to engage everyone within our communities in the transition to a sustainable and resilient society. We are not affiliated to any religious or church group.

Organically grown and locally produced food uses far less fossil fuels than food bought in the super-markets. This is healthier for us and the planet. We want our local communities to have access to such good food and we want to get on with making this happen.

To do this we have founded a social enterprise legally registered as the Hazelhurst Community Supported Agriculture Co-operative (which is an Industrial and Provident Society bona fide co-operative).

 What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported agriculture (CSA) projects are partnerships between farmers and the local community, benefiting both and reconnecting the people to the land where their food is grown. The essential bit here is that ANYONE can get involved, as volunteers or investors. If this project interests you, get in touch as we are actively looking for more people to help us take this project forward.

 Where is the Hazelhurst CSA Co-operative and how will it work?

The CSA project is based on a 9 acre field on Hazelhurst Lane, in the Moss Valley, S8 8BG.

Our aims are to grow and distribute organically grown, healthy, affordable food for the benefit of the community: using ecologically sustainable methods and to protect and enhance biodiversity. Many people in Heeley/Meersbrook are already involved and we are keen to engage the communities near the site, such as Norton, Jordanthorpe and Batemoor.

 The field is currently owned by Huw Evans as part of a Quaker ethical property company and is held in Trust until we raise money to purchase it outright.

We are developing a business plan and intend to launch a community share issue in Spring 2011. The share issue will be open to anyone interested in a safe and ethical investment.

We plan to employ an experienced grower to do the bulk of the work, supported by volunteers. Volunteers can also have a say in the business by becoming a member through paying a nominal fee.

The CSA will operate a contribution scheme, where people pay in advance for produce from the land: with different collection points, including pick-your-own at the farm. Joining this scheme makes you a member and gives you a say in how the business is run.

 On the land

We have started nature conservation projects and are working voluntarily to bring back the natural fertility of the soil for organic growing. We have started by

  • Hedge laying
  • Sowing green manure
  • Putting bee hives on the site
  • Running two Permaculture courses on the site
  • Planning  an exhibition with local farmers of the changing nature of farming in the Moss Valley

 Our next focus is raising funds for our autumn projects: compost, manure and sowing autumn vegetable seeds.

 How to get involved?

 Volunteer on the land, every 3rd Sunday of the month. Check website for details

Attend the inaugural AGM. Monday 20th September 2010 , 7pm at the Grapevine Centre, Northcote Rd, Heeley, S2 3AT.  You don’t have to know anything about growing. We are particularly looking for fund raisers and people with business experience at this stage.

Invest. E mail us to make a pledge. All investors will become members and have a say in what we do.

Donate.  We have a “Growing Fund” with a £2,000 target for set up costs of seeds, manure and tools. Please make cheques payable to the Hazelhurst Community Supported Agriculture Co-op Ltd. and send to Heather Hunt, 212, Shirebrook Road, S8 9RG.

Useful weblinks: 



Email us: info@hazelhurst.coop 

For info on CSA’s: http://www.makinglocalfoodwork.co.uk/about/csa/index.cfm

Where is it?: http://wiki.transitionsheffield.org.uk/Hazelhurst_CSA_Location