Mums Complete Their Big Run

Posted on October 12, 2010 by



TWO Sheffield mums completed a 192 mile run from coast to coast from St Bees in the Lake District to Robin Hoods Bay and have raised hundreds of pounds for a cancer charity.

And after their 10-day epic they both echoed: “bring it on again. We enjoyed it so much we’d definitely repeat it!”

Sarah Butler, 43, and Kate Parr,37, both from Meersbrook, Sheffield, decided on their run after two of their friends died from cancer and another was diagnosed.

“We were out on a run when we made the decision to do a fundraiser – but we knew we had to make it special if we were to raise money. It had to be a big one!” said Sarah.

Sarah, a child minder and mum of three, has already run the London and Edinburgh Marathon’s this year and says: “It really was a fabulous experience and we caused quite a stir when we finished with a flourish in Robin Hoods Bay.”

Kate said: “Each day, as we trundled across the Lake District, Yorkshire Moors, and Cleveland hills and headed for the coast something eventful happened to try and test us, make us laugh or weep, or simply reduce us to absolute wrecks.

“At one point I lost the map, so we did spend an hour running up and down the A176 trying to locate the Coast to Coast path.

“We were on top of the world when we completed our mission. Would we do it again? Most definitely it was such a laugh!”