Swimming With Ideas!

Posted on October 19, 2010 by


We all know that we can go to Heeley Pool to exercise our bodies, but have you ever thought a swim could exercise your mind?  Two recent events at Heeley Pool demonstrate how our local baths are seeking to provide a cultural experience as well as general swimming provision.

The first example was the Wet Sounds event which took place on Sunday 25th July.  According to their publicity, Wet Sounds is “an underwater sound art gallery… touring swimming pools, it presents listening sessions to a floating and diving audience in the water.”

So what does that look like?  Don Morton from Heeley Pool explained how a team of two organisers quickly set up a sound system on the Pool’s gallery viewing area, linked up to three underwater speakers housed in aquatic-themed casings to look like shells etc.  For the session at Heeley, the sound was only ‘aired’ underwater and included everyday sounds, such as trains and whistles, and popular music.  Comments from the 40 people that attended the two 45 minute sessions indicated that the sounds were all very clear and the music travelled well under the water: “It was great! You could hear everything”, and “I could not believe that the sounds were so clear. You could hear the Michael Jackson songs so clearly”.  Participants were free to float around and relax using bouyancy aids and experiment with listening to the sounds in their own way.  This was Wet Sounds second visit to Heeley, and hopefully the event will be repeated as Heeley Pool strive to develop a wider portfolio of events and community involvement.

The second event of a cultural, thought-provoking nature was Heeley Pool’s free fun day for children from Chernobyl.  The children’s visit to Sheffield was organised by the `Chernobyl Children Life Line` – a group dedicated to helping the families and children affected by the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster of 1986.   Whilst both the Ukrainian and Heeley kids will have been busy having a good time at the group fun session, they will also have been learning about each other’s cultures, as well as a historic event of international significance.  

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All this, plus the usual range of swim sessions, from your local swimming baths: Heeley Pool, Broadfield Road, Sheffield, S8 0XQ, Web: www.sheffield.gov.uk/heeleypool  Tel: 0114 2500443, Email: info@heeleypool.co.uk  [395]