70th Anniversary of the Sheffield Blitz

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This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Sheffield Blitz.  The nights of the 12th and 15th of December 1940 saw German bombs raining down,not on the steelworks of the East End as was expected, but on the densely populated suburbs.  Around 800 people were killed on those nights, among them 59 Heeley residents.

Heeley History Group celebrates the anniversary of the Blitz

Heeley History Group

Heeley History Workshop held a little celebration lunch on Monday 13 December to mark the anniversary and to listen to founder members, Betty Renshaw and Lilian Haywood, speaking to Toby Foster on Radio Sheffield. If you would like to hear their memories of the Blitz, follow this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/radio/bbc_radio_sheffield

Christmas Gift Idea for Local History Enthusiasts!

The latest book to be published by the The Heeley History Workshop is now available to buy at Heeley Development Trust’s offices.  ‘Memories of the Sheffield Blitz in Heeley Thereabouts’ costs £7.99 and can be picked up locally from the offices at Ash Tree Yard, Thirlwell Road or from the Heeley History Workshop meetings which take place at the Heeley Green community room, next to Heeley Green Surgery and Advice Centre (corner of Fitzroy Road and Gleadless Road), on Monday afternoons, 2-5pm.

Memories of the Sheffield Blitz in Heeley and Thereabouts bookThe book is a fascinating and well-researched account of the Blitz using archival resources and first-hand accounts from local people.  We found the following reference to a bomb that landed where the current Heeley Development Trust offices are on Thirlwell Road:

‘One of the bombs was a direct hit on the celluloid factory at the top of Thirlwell Road.  The Wolstenholmes owned this and the parents had gone out for the evening, leaving their 21 year old daughter Vera to look after her grandmother.  The wardens had been several times to ask them to go into the communal shelter, but the old woman would not budge…sadly they were both killed and the only thing found was Vera’s…gold watch (her 21st birthday present) still keeping perfect time.’

Reserve your copy by phoning Heeley Development Trust us on 0114 2500613.