SNA newsletter for November/December

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Dear Resident,

Firstly I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2011 and apologise for the late newsletter. I had hoped to send it out in December but due to unforseen circumstances I wasn’t able to. The latest PACT meeting was held at Morrisons Supermarket on 26th November. As a result of this meeting and other engagement activity over the past month we listened to your views and ammended the PACT priorities. Remember if there are any issues in your area which you feel should be considered as a PACT priority then please reply to this e-mail me and let me know. You can have a say in how your community is policed. The next meeting is at Morrisons on Friday 28th January 2011.


 Gleadless Valley/Heeley SNT

1. Anti-social behaviour around the Coop store on Constable Rd

2. Anti-social behaviour in and around Heeley City Farm

3. Anti-social behaviour on Gaunt shops, Blackstock Road.


 Woodseats SNT

 1. Anti-social behaviour on Hazlebarrow Crescent, Jordonthorpe

2. Anti-social behaviour on Chancet Wood Drive and Abbey Brook Drive

3. Anti-social behaviour on Hemper Lane at Greenhill.


In addition to tackling Anti-social behaviour and PACT priorities the following are some of the positive results and activity from November and December.

1. Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

Anti-social behaviour continues to be a focus and priority for the SNA. Reported incidents of ASB are still 18% lower year to date than 2009 which is a significant reduction.This is a result of the hard work staff, not only from my team but from partner agencies working across the area. I would particularly like to thank Sheffield Futures and Sheffield Homes for their support over the past 12 months. Gaunt Shops on Gleadless Valley has been a problem area from time to time thorughout the year. I am pleased to report that with the help of Streetforce we have managed to get a CCTV camera situated directly outside the Chinese Takeway on the precinct.

We continue to target underage drinking as this is a significant driver of ASB. Between June and November we have conducted a total of 88 Test Purchases at Off licences in the area. I am pleased to report that only 6 of these failed. One of those which failed has been taken to licence review. This month we received some information about a pub in the area regularly serving alcohol to underage people. A visit was conducted in partnership with the Safeguarding children board. As a result the premises licence will be reviewed at a hearing of the licencing authority. They have the power to revoke the licence and close the premises. Again if anyone has information about pubs serving to underage drinkers please let me know and we will investigate further. We continue to seize alcohol from young people. On New Years Eve we received a report of a group of girls drinking on a stairwell on Gaunt Way. Officers attended and a quantity of Bacardi was seized and the girls taken home to their parents.

2. Drugs Warrants – We have executed a number of drugs warrants in the past month specifically at Goodwin Road and Becket Walk . Please if you have information about drug dealing in your area either let us know directly or contact Crime Stoppers on 0800 555111. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be investigated. We rely on teh public providing us with information.

3.Burglary – Residential Burglary continues to be a concern for local residents and I would urge residents to take precautions to make it as difficult as possible for the Burglars. Ensure that your property is locked and securet. Also do not leave car keys on show near the door or windows. It is easy for criminals to smash the window or reach thorugh the letter box and steal your car. We have run two proactive Operations in December specifically targeting Burglary. Both involved colleagues from CID and one was a joint Operation with officers from Dronfield in Derbyshire. As a result a couple of prolific offenders were arrested.

4. Christmas Spirit is not dead! – For once a nice story about the generosity of one particular officer from Newcastle. Late last week I recieved two tickets in the post for the JLS concert at the Sheffield Arena tonight. The tickets had been bought by a PC from Newcastle for his wife and child to attend. For whatever reason they are unable to do so. Rather than sell the tickets on ebay or similar where, no doubt he could have made a healthy profit, the officer decided to send them to us to be donated to a deserving child along with £10 cash to buy some sweets! I contacted Sheffield Childrens Hospital who have identified a young girl who has been seriously ill and she will now be attending the concert tonight with her mum. Thanks very much to one very generous Police Officer from Northumberland.

4. More serious crime – Colleagues within CID have again had some good success this month. These include;

A male arrested for Burglary at Twentywell Close, Bradway admitted the offence and has been remanded in custody

A male arrested last month for Burglary has been produced from prison to investigate further offences. He has admitted a total of 63 offences of Burglary

Three men have been charged with a Burglary at Haslam Crescent

A male arrested for Robbery in Lowedges has been charged and remanded in custody

5. Crime figures for the past 12 months are as follows for this SNA area

All crime – reduction of 9.3% or 456 fewer victims compared to previous 12 month period

Burglary Dwelling – slight increase of 7.6% or 43 more victims compared to previous 12 month period

Burglary other than dwellings ( sheds etc) – reduction of 17.7% or 83 fewer victims compared to previous 12 month period.

Robbery – slight increase of 16 offences from 43 to 59. This is still a significantly small number.

Vehicle Crime – reduction of 13.8% or 98 fewer victims compared to previous 12 month period

Violent Crime – reduction of 16.5% or 127 fewer victims compared to previous 12 month period

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