Queens Road And Granville Road Bus Lane Enforcement

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Queens Road and Granville Road bus lanes will be enforced from Monday 17 January.Bus Lane, Heeley

Sheffield City Council is warning motorists to observe restrictions in the area to avoid receiving a £60 fine.

Cameras are being used to carry out the enforcement of the bus lanes, Motorists caught on camera will receive a penalty charge notice. CCTV cameras will help enforce the lanes between 7.30am – 9.00am and 4pm – 6:30pm Monday to Friday
Warning notices have been issued since November to any motorist driving along the bus lane illegally, to let them know when they’ve committed an offence. This way, motorists have had a chance to change their route accordingly before full enforcement which is now starting. If you drive along a bus lane when you’re not supposed to you’ll get a fine, just like parking on a double yellow line. 
Kevan Butt, Parking Services Manager at Sheffield City Council said: “We’ve already been successful in using camera enforcement to improve public transport journey times elsewhere in the city, and to be fair to other road users who obey the rules.  There are new signs, the road surface is green to show where the bus lane is and we’ve been issuing warning notices to motorists passing through the gates illegally for the last two months.  Please think before you drive along the bus lanes on Queens Road or Granville Road as the lanes will be enforced from 7.30am – 9.00am and 4pm – 6:30pm on Monday to Fridays. Anyone observed using these bus lanes at these times will receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) of £60.”   
Cameras record the registration of any vehicle driving, parking or stopping illegally in the bus lanes. New signs help make the times that the bus lanes operate more obvious. Anyone who uses these bus lanes during these times will receive a Penalty Charge Notice. Drivers are free to use these sections of road at any other time of day. 
So what’s the advice? Check the signs. For more information about bus lane and bus gate enforcement go to www.sheffield.gov.uk/buslaneenforcement

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