Help to celebrate local character: nominate your favourite buildings

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Sheffield City Council is seeking nominations for a new local list of buildings of architectural and historical importance.

The city contains large numbers of highly distinctive buildings which help to create a real sense of place: around 1,200 are listed but many more do not meet the strict national criteria. A new local list is being created to formally recognise those buildings and structures which are valued for the contribution they make to the local area. The list can include anything from a school to a Post Office pillar box, a pub to a stile; but entries must meet one or more of the following criteria:

Architectural interest. The building should be by a significant architect, be a strong example of a particular style or type, or exhibit quality in terms of materials or construction techniques

Local historical significance. Buildings associated with a particular historical event or movement, or a notable person

Setting or Group Value. A landmark or a group of buildings that makes a significant contribution to the charcater of an area

Age and rarity. Particularly old or rare examples of a building type

Authenticity. Properties which have not undergone significant alteration

While adding a building to the local list does not give it additional legal protection, its status will have to be considered as part of any planning application.

The local list is intended to support, not duplicate, exiting planning controls. Nationally listed buildings and those within conservation areas and the Peak District National Park already enjoy considerable protection, so will not be included on the list.

How to nominate

Print out and complete the following form – Paper Nomination Form

Pick up a form at your local library or First Point

Complete the on-line form on the Sheffield City Council website

Further information

Telephone: 0114 273 4223