The launch of shares in Hazelhurst Community Supported Agriculture Co-op.

Posted on February 16, 2011 by


Sheffield’s first community supported agriculture project is launching its share option this week. Shares start at £25 each.  The project began as part of Sheffield Transition Towns and aims to bring people together to grow food and pool resources to make local seasonal fresh organic produce more widely available.  

The project is based on a 9 acre field on Hazelhurst Lane, in the Moss Valley. Heather a founding member says “We have come so far in such a short time. This all started at a meeting in Meersbrook Park Pavilion in April 2009. We knew that organically grown and locally produced food uses far less fossil fuels than food bought in the super-markets and this is healthier for us and the planet. We wanted our local communities to have access to such good food and now we are getting on with making this happen! It’s great to see the onions coming up we planted in the autumn. Now we are open for more members and investors this will really push the project forward.”

Yvonne the chairperson of the Hazelhurst Co-op says ‘We are very excited about this share launch. It was quite hard work setting ourselves up as a legal entity but now we are able to have shareholding members all our ambitions have a firm foundation. Whether you have a £25 membership share or invest £2000, each member has one vote. Around ninety people are aware of the project so far but we can really advertise ourselves more widely now. We hope to create a financially sustainable organisation that is a model for others to follow.’

Joan the volunteer co-coordinator says ‘We have volunteer days on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Around ten people have come out each Sunday over the autumn but hopefully in the spring and summer this will increase. It is very beautiful place with a lovely south facing slope, even though it is near the city it is very peaceful and wild. You can walk from Heeley Post Office to the site. It’s a beautiful walk through the Gleedless Valley woods and there are also buses that go quite near.’

The project hopes to employ a grower and have vegetable boxes available for sale to members next year.  This year the plan is for members to come and harvest the crops themselves.  The project is also a practical and community based way to challenge climate change and offer an alternative model of production and consumption.  If you would like to buy shares contact and look at the website for more details

Read the full Press Release (inc more info about Hazelhurst CSA) here – Press Release