Safer Neighbourhood Team – March Newsletter

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Dear Resident,

The latest PACT meeting was held at Morrisons Supermarket on 25th February. As a result of this meeting and other engagement activity over the past month we listened to your views and ammended the PACT priorities. Remember if there are any issues in your area which you feel should be considered as a PACT priority then please let me know. You can have a say in how your community is policed. The next meeting is at Morrisons on Friday 25th March 2011.


 Gleadless Valley/Heeley SNT 

1. Anti-social behaviour including noise nuisance on Spring Close View, Gleadless Valley

2. Anti-social behaviour around Newfield Green shopping complex

3. Motor cycle nuisance on Gleadless Valley in particular around Rooleston Woods


 Woodseats SNT

2. Anti-social behaviour on Batemoor Road

3. Anti-social behaviour on Jordonthorpe Shopping complex

In addition to tackling Anti-social behaviour and PACT priorities the following are some of the positive results and activity from the last month.

1. Motor Cycle Nuisance – As I mentioned last month the number of complaints of off road motor cycles has started to increase. For this reason we have included this issue as a PACT priority on both SNT areas. Last year saw a significant decrease in the number of complaints about off road bikes compared to previous years and I am very keen to build upon the successes from last year. To that end I am appealing for information from the public. We have a power of entry to seize anti-social bikes from garages and sheds and if we suspect they are stolen from residential premises as well. I intend to use those powers so if you know of anywhere that a bike used in this manner is being stored then let us know. In the past month alone we have seized 8 illegal motorcycles .

We are also working with local petrol stations to help to identify those involved by capturing their images on CCTV. Anyone caught will be prosecuted wherever possible.

2. Drugs Warrants – In the past month we have executed a number of drugs warrants specifically at Batemoor Drive, Alexander Rd, Morland Rd and Fleury Rd. Please if you have information about drug dealing in your area either let us know directly or contact Crime Stoppers on 0800 555111. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be investigated. We rely on the public providing us with information.

3.Anti-Social behaviour (ASB) – ASB will continue to be a priority for my staff. The past two years has seen significant reduction in incidents of ASB, We are currently experiencing a reduction of 15% year to date on the past 12 months. We now average 14.5 incidents per day compared to 19.6 incidents per day 2 years ago. These reductions have been achieved with the help of both partners and the community. We will continue to work hard at improving the relationship between young people and the Police and I believe this will have the greatest impact on ASB. Only yesterday I met with management from Club66 Youth Club in Woodseats to see how we can better coordinate the activities of youth providers in the area. After lengthy discussions at the NAG I have decided not to apply for Section 30 dispersal orders this year. This decision will be reviewed after the Easter holidays. The other news from the NAG is that we have agreed to run another series of weeks of action in the different communities this year. I will publish details one the dates have been agreed. The first will be in the Heeley area to link in with the Heeley festival.

4. More serious crime – Colleagues within CID have again had some good success this month. These include;

A local male arrested for Burglary last month has admitted to a total of 49 offences, He is currently in prison awaiting sentence.

Two men were arrested this week following a Burglary at Norton. They have been charged.

A man has been charged with a Burglary on Upper Valley Rd and is remanded in custody

Two young men were charged with offences of Robbery in Woodseats.

A male was charged with Possession with intent to supply cocaine following the execution of a warrant on Batemoor Drive

4. Crime figures for the past 12 months are as follows for this SNA area

All crime – reduction of 7.3% or 340 fewer victims compared to previous 12 month period

Burglary Dwelling – increase of 11.2% or 55 more victims compared to previous 12 month period

Burglary other than dwellings ( sheds etc) – reduction of 9.9% or 41 fewer victims compared to previous 12 month period.

Robbery – increase of 33 offences from 32 to 65. This is still a significantly small number.

Vehicle Crime – reduction of 14% or 95 fewer victims compared to previous 12 month period

Violent Crime – reduction of 16.7% or 121 fewer victims compared to previous 12 month period

Burglary Dwelling continues to be one of our priorities locally. A significant number of the offences recently have involved the offenders smashing the glass panel in a door, reaching in and opening the door with keys left in the lock. This is particularly the case with rear doors and patio/conservatory doors. Please do not leave you keys in the lock. It makes life easy for criminals.

Finally I would like to remind everyone that I now have both a Twitter feed and Facebook page. Details of crime and community safety issues are posted daily. Its a great way to keep in touch with what is happening and I would encourage you to have a look

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