Electro – revolution

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The Millennium Park Maintenance Team with the electric bike

The Millennium Park Maintenance Team with the electric bike

Electric bikes have been getting more popular for years, and ReCycle Bikes have acquired some of the most advanced e-bikes in the world named Haibike, designed and built in Germany.

ReCycle Bikes like them that much they recommended them to Heeley Development Trust, who with support from the South Community Assembly Climate Change Fund bought the eQ Trekking model for their Millennium Park Maintenance team as an eco friendly alternative to their flatbed transit. Fitted with a 36volt, 250 watt Bosch motor it easily tows a trailer filled with tools.  They have enough power and juice to transport you up the steepest of Sheffield’s roads, without standing up or breaking a sweat.

Come and test ride one up Kent road, you won’t believe how easy they make it!!!

We also have the Haibike Xduro RX full suspension mountain bike on demo, for you to have a go on (through our friends at justebikes.co.uk), give us a ring for details. We’re still doing great quality service and repair work, as well as refurbishing old bikes for sale in the shop. Check out our website for all the bikes for sale at the minute, and more details on e-bikes @ www.recyclebikes.co.uk

So; if you are looking at ways to reduce your carbon footprint, want to save money and time travelling to work but the hills just seem a bit too off putting to cycle over – you need a Haibike!