Chieko’s Rose Garden at Meersbrook Community Walled Garden

Posted on January 4, 2012 by


For the last four and a half years Chieko Kasuya has been weeding, pruning, watering and sweeping the Japanese Garden at Meersbrook Walled Garden every Monday and Friday, making certain that it is beautiful enough for visitors. 

But her favourite flowers are roses! She loves English rose gardens and has visited at least five this year.

Now she is going home to Tokyo in Japan, (next week) and we will all miss her so much. So the rest of the Meersbrook Park Users’ Trust Volunteers have decided to plant two new rose beds to make sure she comes back to visit us. One of the rose beds will be called ‘Chieko’s’ Garden and a terracotta sign has been made by another volunteer to remind us.

Chieko has chosen a number of old English style shrub roses she has enjoyed growing in the Botanical Gardens. As she says she ‘likes fragrant roses with lots of petals’. 

A dozen new rose plants were bought at a local rose nursery at Handley with money raised at garden events from selling teas and home made cakes. Chieko herself has learned to make a very good lemon drizzle cake, as well as helping with the well dressing made every June, during her time in Sheffield, having taught the rest of us how to look after a Japanese garden.  

Chieko’s last time at the Japanese Garden will be on Friday 6 January from about 10.30 am till lunch time 

for more information phone Naomi Brent 0114 2810423