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Heeley MP Meg Munn is backing a Parliamentary Bill which could save lives by moving the clocks forward by one hour.

She is backing the Daylight Saving Bill which would start an objective examination of the benefits of moving the clocks. The Bill receives its Third Reading in the House of Commons today (20th January 2012).

It calls on the government to conduct a comprehensive review of the costs and benefits of putting clocks forward an hour throughout the UK. If enacted it would result in lighter evenings every day of the year.

Lighter Later, the group coordinating the campaign for change, says support for the cause has never been stronger. The Daylight Saving Bill is supported by over 90 national organisations, with the AA, SAGA and the FA backing lighter evenings. 

Meg Munn MP for Sheffield Heeley said:

“Lighter evenings could help save lives on our roads, as more of the busy evening rush hour would take place during daylight. They would also help reduce the fear of crime for some people and make them feel safer going out.” 

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