Haggler’s Corner – A Place to be Creative Together

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Hagglers Corner on Queens Road is now home to a community of creative businesses based in beautifully restored units, set around a central courtyard.

Built in the1870s the building has had an eclectic history; cattle, milk, coal, confectionary, accounting and, until the 1990s, was an ironmongers. The 14 businesses flourishing there today include furniture making, product design, acting, yoga, craftwork and dressmaking.

Sarah (joint manager with David) says:

“Hagglers Corner is currently gathering momentum and will spring into life with an opening event once the Cafe and Showroom are ready in the next few months.

“In the meantime we are concentrating on the yoga studio, making use of the building as a venue and branching into running craft courses and of course settling in with our new collection       of residents.“

Sarah, half Icelandic, named the units after characters from the 13th century Laxdaela Saga, historical literature which reflected struggles within second and third generation Icelandic settlers.

Amanda, an artist working in collage with recycled materials, and sharing the sunny ‘Lambadale’ unit with Cathie, a dressmaker, says:  “My idea is to be part of a community where families can come and be creative together.” 

Sarah and David envisage, outdoor summer performances, vegetable patches in a community garden and working with U-Mix (centre next door for sports and other activities for young people).

The venue is open to hire for private and public events, and they are looking for local craftspeople to show work in their gallery space. There is already an Icelandic jewellery designer on board….

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And for dressmaking/sewing details, email: catherinemccartan@btinternet.com or call 07905 250826