Letters from Local Residents

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Where does Heeley Green start, & where does it end, does anyone know the answer. At the bottom of Myrtle Road we have a fine sign saying “Welcome to Heeley”, walking up Prospect Road on to Spencer Road on to Richards Road on to Gleadless Road we have the Park Hill Dental Practice on Spencer Road (So named because the practice has relocated from the Park Hill area) & further on you come to the Heeley Post Office on Gleadless Road.

But ninety five yards back at the traffic lights we have a street called Heeley Green, so have I missed the start of Heeley Green, or am I still in Heeley??? No sign saying welcome to Heeley Green.

Christ Church on Gleadless Road is known as Heeley Parish Church. At the side of the Post Office we have Carrfield Lane that once upon a time continued to join up with the steps between Carrfield Road & Northcote Road, now cut short by the rear gardens of houses on Carrfield Road, Carrfield Lane now only being forty six yards in length, is it the shortest Lane in Sheffield, I have yet to measure Carfield Lane adjacent to all the allotments at the end of Meersbrook Road. (This Carfield spelt different to differentiate  when the Lane was actually just over the border that was long ago the land of Derbyshire)

Heeley Green, where is / was the Green, named well before the Millennium Park, so that is not it.  There is a patch of green next to the Post Office, but more scrubland than a Green.

In my garden, there stands an ancient stone put there no one knows when, with the words Heeley Green chiselled into the stone, so I must live in Heeley Green, sorted.


D Rollitt