News About the ‘Secret Garden’

Posted on April 2, 2012 by


Heeley and Meersbrook residents have been raising concerns about what will happen to ‘The Corner Garden’ on Little London Road.

Over 2 years ago Heeley Voice ran a piece about ‘the garden’ on a little piece of land located behind what used to be Gresham’s Timber; where the snicket meets Little London Road, just before the bridge.

A former employee of Gresham’s Timber Yard tended the land for more than a decade turning it into a little English garden intersected with mosaic paths.

Since Gresham’s closed, a handful of local people have kept the land free from bindweed and brambles.

The building of the new retail outlet with underground car park has disturbed the garden, but cuttings have been taken and tended from some of the original plants.

Space around the new building has been landscaped and planted and a number of trees and bulbs have already been replanted.

At the time of writing the building is still empty. Speculations about what it will be include a B&M store and a mega Golf Retail Outlet.

The hope is that the owners or managers of the new building will allow the garden to be maintained and remain as a little beauty spot, bringing a little colour and vibrancy to an otherwise uninspiring section of Little London Road.  Fingers crossed.