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You may have seen the urban, post punk art work of Sid Fletcher, Meersbrook, in the Old Sweet Shop (Nether Edge), Urban Outfitters (London, Manchester), or selling: prints, mugs and cards at St Mary’s Craft and Vintage Fair. 

If so you’re unlikely to forget it.  Sid describes it like Marmite; ‘ You either love it or you hate it.’

These photoshopped images of industrial icons and urban decay are taken on a point and shoot camera; carried everywhere. They are inspired by: LS Lowry (Manchester), Laura Oldfield Ford (Halifax) and Jonathan Wilkinson (Sheffield).

The social backdrop of post war planning, pristine tower blocks, high-density social housing and glitzy shopping centres is the Rochdale of the 1970s where Sid grew up. He says;

‘I feel its important to remember that when most of these schemes were designed and built it was with great intention and a belief that working peoples’ lives would be enriched by such planning- now we seem to use derogatory terms to describe these places – my work is about trying to portray these buildings and areas in a much more graphic light.’

In the late 80s he was the singer in the terror block metal band ‘Zowtovit’ (translation Always Out Of It). He had an impressive Mohican and they played aggressive heavy metal with punk sensibilities.  The name of Sid’s website, comes from the name of the band and his love of tower blocks.

Sid has donated a customized version of one of his most popular images – the classic “StateDependentFamily” (see image above)  to a charity Art auction in aid of the Red Cross.

The auction comprises 10 pieces of original local  Art  and they were on display in the Winter Gardens  June 6th to 9th – the art will remain  in the silent auction until June 29th  

You can download a catalogue and  make bids on the Red Cross website at

There is  also  a Facebook page:

The event has also had coverage in the Sheffield Star (Page 6)  –

See Sid’s work or contact him via

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