Recycle Bikes need help transporting bikes to Africa!

Posted on August 8, 2012 by


ReCycle Bikes are looking for someone who is able to help  transport used cycles from their workshop in  Heeley, Sheffield to Re-Cycle Bicycle Aid for Africa’s warehouse in Colchester.

Re-Cycle Bicycle Aid for Africa is a UK charity committed to providing cheap, sustainable transport in Africa. They ship over large quantities of used bicycles to Africa and train local people to be mechanics

Paul Allard, Workshop Manager says:

‘We’ve donated about 150 bikes already, but we are struggling to transport our current batch of donations (about the same amount). For the first 2 runs we’ve used a Luton van and drove it ourselves, but it turns out that when a Luton is fully laden with bikes it’s overloaded. We enquired about renting a 7.5 tonner but for that we need digital tachograph cards which we don’t have. We then enquired about getting a courier/haulier but it worked out prohibitively expensive’

If anyone knows a courier/haulier who can help please get in touch with the workshop on 0114 2507717 or email