Secret Garden Grows Once More

Posted on September 28, 2012 by


The garden behind the new B&M on Little London Road has been replanted by a group of volunteers having been dug up during redevelopment.  The group includes Anne who started the garden in 1996; by 2007 it had won the Lord Mayor’s Community Award.

The garden was a favourite with passers-by who often stopped to thank Anne for her efforts.  She has now joined Gill, Helen and Judy who last year decided to regrow the garden. ‘It’s as though I’ve never been away’, she says.  Many plants were conserved from the original garden; others have been donated by the volunteers, or friends, neighbours and passers-by.  ‘There’s a lot of interest in this cottage garden and we hope to encourage local wildlife,’ said Judy.  There are hopes that the adjacent walkway, to Heeley Retail Park, will be planted with fruit trees and kidney beans as a community food project.  The group meet once a week, weather permitting and anyone is welcome to get involved’.