The Corner Gallery: Local Sheffield Art & Craft

Posted on October 6, 2012 by


The Corner Gallery in Heeley Bank Antiques Centre, Queens Road, promotes arts & crafts made by over 30 local artisans.  Set up by Hendrika Stephens, a maker of recycled jewellery and sculpture, it seeks to provide a permanent space to sell local art.

We often have no idea of the origin of items we own.  Hendrika feels unique, handmade artwork holds a magic all of its own and Sheffield produces a wealth of such work.  However, although there are many studios, venues selling and displaying this great variety of work are rare, and commercial galleries can be pricey.

Opening the Corner Gallery in the new ‘Antiques Quarter’ brings contemporary art to shoppers already engaging with beautiful objects from the past.  The gallery exhibits items made from ceramics, paint, fabric, wood, print, glass, and recycled materials.  There are also some established makers showing their work such as Brian Holland, Bryan Munsey, Heather Dewick, James Green and Catherine Higham.  The gallery is a social enterprise and non-profit making: artists set their own prices, paying a monthly sub to the gallery; the gallery charges no commission on sales.

Hendrika says, ‘Art touches us in different ways and the desire for some people to create is a deep, burning passion.  When you buy art or craft you become part of this.  Additionally, spending money locally boosts the local economy – more support for local art means more support for Sheffield’.

For more information visit: or search ‘The Corner Gallery’ on Facebook or Twitter.