The St Wilfrids Wall of Fame

Posted on October 8, 2012 by


People have recently been flocking from miles around to see the new wall of fame at
St Wilfrid’s Centre for the homeless, vulnerable and socially excluded. 

Following a recent art exhibition by volunteer Mark Lawlor, for which he painted 20 portraits of clients, Director Kevin Bradley was left with a dilemma.  The paintings were so vibrant and captured the essence and likeness of each individual client that he didn’t want to store them away in cupboard. 

It suddenly came to him one day that perhaps the 20 portraits could be displayed in ‘Andy Warhol fashion’, side by side in the Centre lounge.  When this was completed, news spread and Kevin started to get requests for people just to look at the wall.  Kevin commented “The paintings by Mark are so good that they really deserve a place of honour at the Centre and the faces tell their own story.  This is what St Wilfrid’s is all about – the people and that’s what makes the place very special.

Upon seeing the portraits displayed one volunteer Frank Coates said ‘It is St Wilfrid’s very own ‘Wonderwall’.