Safer Neighbourhood Newsletter- January 2013

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Welcome to the latest newsletter for the South Safer Neighbourhood area (SNA) covering the council wards of Nether Edge, Gleadless Valley, Graves Park and Beauchief and Greenhill.

Could I remind you to  follow us on facebook to find out daily what is happening in your community.  The facebook page is updated daily with crime figures/details, arrests, witness appeals and other useful information. Its also a great way to pass information to us. I also have a twitter account @KEInspector.

We have one local priority identified per council ward area.   These local priorities attract a priority response from the Police if you need to call. You can also drop in and see us at the PACT drop-in session. The next one will take place at Morrisons supermarket, Meadowhead  on Wed 20th February  from 12noon – 6pm. This is an opportunity to speak to PCSO’s about any issue you wish,

Remember you can have a say in how your community is policed. If there are any issues in your area which you feel should be considered as a local priority then please contact me by email (address below) and let me know.

Our current local priorities are:

Gleadless Valley Ward

Antisocial Behaviour around Heeley City Farm and St Anns Youth Club

Nether Edge Ward

Anti social behaviour around St Peters Community Centre and Hale Street

Beauchief and Greenhill Ward

Antisocial behaviour on Lowedges Rd around Toppham Way and the Old Magpie Pub

Graves Park Ward

Motorists failing to abide by traffic restrictions on Smithywood Crescent

In addition to tackling Antisocial behaviour and PACT priorities the following are some of the positive results from the last month, planned activities and other news.

Its Your Child – Update

The campaign to encourage parents to act more responsibly around primary schools will continue throughout the year. The traffic regulation orders (TRO’s) will be advertised this month and I am advised by Amey that the work should be completed  by Easter. I mentioned before that each school were running an artwork competition. These have now been completed and the winning designs are being turned into leaflets

All the PCSO’s have been trained by Sheffield City Council to deliver some road safety and pedestrian safety training in schools. At present this is only delivered in the priority schools by the council. As part of this project we will ensure all children get the same road safety training. Plans for improvements to the highway markings and street furniture outside schools are well underway.


Unfortunately we have seen a significant increase in Burglary Dwellings in the last two months. All of the rise in the figures published later in this newsletter has taken place in the last two months. I am concerned about this increase and would like to reassure you that we are working hard to tackle the problem. We have been running a proactive Operation in Gleadless Valley and Norton areas for  the past three weeks and have seen some significant arrests. Two of those arrested admitted to committing a lot of offences. With these individuals in custody we should hopefully see an improvement in the situation. I am very grateful to both the South Community Assembly and Gleadless Valley TARA who have agreed to fund smartwater to be given out to local residents. Gleadless Valley TARA have also arranged a public meeting next Tuesday at Newfield Green tenants hall at 6.30pm which I will be attending to discuss concerns local residents have concerning Burglaries. Please feel free to come along if you live locally.

I think it is important as well to get these figures in perspective, Overall crime and Victim based crime is still showing a reduction over the past 12 months. This is little comfort for those unfortunately a victim of Burgary and I understand this however the picture is not all doom and gloom. There is also a lot that can be done to prevent yourself becoming a victim. Please follow our crime prevention advice below. A large percentage of offences are  committed at insecure properties. Be particularly aware in the evening of leaving the door unlocked and car keys, lap tops, handbags and other valuables on display just inside the door. It takes secnds to open the door and steal your property.

Drugs Warrants – We have executed a number of warrants this month. Two of note were at Raeburn Close and Chesterfield Rd. Please if you have information about drug dealing in your area either let us know directly or contact Crime Stoppers on 0800 555111. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be investigated.

Week of Action in Abbeydale

We are currently planning a multi agency week of action in the Abbeydale corridor. This will take place in the week commencing 25th February and will see coordinated activity in the area by a number of partners and will culminate in a community day on 3rd March at St Peters which is being organised by Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group. There will be additional Police patrols and enforcement action along with a  number of partnership interventions. The South community assembly are funding a bring out your rubbish day and the NEAT team will be undertaking some environmental improvement work to make the area look better. There will also be some intensive youth engagement during the week by partners.

Do you want to know about crime and ASB in your area. allows you to put in your postcode and it will bring up a map with all incidents plotted along with the outcomes. Try it.

Arrests this month

Colleagues have had some excellent results this month. Most of these cases will be familiar to those who follow my facebook page and are all in the last three weeks. These incidents highlight the good work that is ongoing to tackle crime locally.

Two males from Gleadless Valley were arrested on Gleadless Valley following a Burglary at Crookes. Stolen property was recovered. One has admitted a further five offences and has been charged and remanded in custody. These individuals are stongly suspected of committing other offences locally

In the last week a male was arrested followng a shed break on Fraser Rd. Found hiding by the Police dog

Last week two males were arrested for Burglary in Totley having been spotted by an off duty cop. They were both wanted for other Burglaries locally and have been charged and remanded in custody. One admitted to committing a significant number of offences.

Following a Burglary on Bocking Lane a stolen IPad was traced using Apple’s application to an address in Chesterfield where a quantity of stolen property was recovered. The subsequent investigation led to five arrests for Burglary. ( see Apple app information below )

PCSO’s on patrol on Constable Rd came across a car stolen from a Burglary. The occupants ran off and one was detained . A second male was arrested later as part of this investigation.

A male from Gleadless Valley was arrested for a Burglary on Blackstock Rd

A male stopped and searched on Woodland Rd in the early hours was arrested for going equipped to steal after a life hammer was found. Another Burglary prevented!

Crime figures  
I am now able to provide crime figures at a ward level. I have chosen to do this on a rolling 12 month basis ( to end Dec 2012) as this rules out seasonable variations in crime. The figures in brackets are the actual reduction/increase in offences and therefore victims. From 1st April the Police nationally are now measuring overall victim based crime as a measure so I also include these figures. This omits those criimes for example possession of drugs and public order where there is no direct victim.



Nether Edge

Gleadless Valley

Beauchief and Greenhill

Graves Park

Victim Based Crime

-5.6% (2239 fewer victims)

-16% (165)

+4.1% (65)

+0.9% (9)

+4.5% (36)

Burglary Dwelling

+7.4% (262)

+5.9% (7)

+24.6% (48)

+13.6% (16)

+31.4% (27)

Burglary Other than dwelling

-12.3% (441)

-36% (36)

-21.5% (41)

+8.9% (7)

+7.9% (6)


+5.1% (28)

Reduction of 3 offences. Only 10 recorded

Increase of 9 offences.
Only 28 recorded

Increase of 2 offences. Only 11 recorded.

Reduction of 3 offences.
Only 5 recorded.

Criminal Damage

-8.1% (640)

-12.9% (22)

-2.6% (11)

-15.4% (46)

-6% (8)

Vehicle Crime

+1.9% (106)

-21.9%  (46)

-10.7% (25)

+28% (28)

-0.6% (1)

Violent Crime

-5.5% (337)

-13.7% (14)

+18% (38)

+7.8% (13)

-23% (20)

Home Security

You can reduce your chance of becoming a victim of house burglary by taking a few precautions:

  • Keep doors and windows locked whenever possible, and fit good quality locks to them
  • If you have Eurolocks on Upvc doors make sure they are the anti-snap ones
  • Secure garages, sheds and outbuildings as well as your home
  • Don’t leave valuables in view, store keys in a safe place away from doors and windows
  • Tell someone you trust if you are going on holiday or leaving your house empty
  • Consider buying an alarm,timer switches for lights and radios
  • Protect your valuables with a property marking solution like SmartWater

You can protect your items for free by registering your property onto the Immobilise website. This is a national property register and makes it easier for us to identify who property belongs to if it is stolen.

Good lighting is an excellent way to deter a thief. Fitting exterior lighting with dusk to dawn sensors is a good idea. These are light sensitive; they come on when it gets dark and turn off when it gets light. Using low wattage bulbs means they can be a very cheap and effective security deterrent.

Burglar Alarms are also effective and can provide you and your family with peace of mind. Government statistics show that 60% of burglaries on homes fitted with burglar alarms are unsuccessful so it really is worth investing in a home security system. Additional information on Home Security can be found on the Home Office website and the Secured by Design website

If you own a laptop or iphone can I recommend you look at the following website This download is free , works and is a significant deterrant and great tool for us to catch criminals.

Own an iPhone, iPad or MAC?

Please download the find my phone app. It really does work and has assisted us to recover numerous stoen goods and arrest those responsible. Recently a Burglary occurred at Lowedges Crescent. The stolen iPhone was traced to an address nearby where a 19 yr old man was arrested along with all the property from the Burglary. Please follow the link below

Recent Court Results

Offender                                                                Offence                                        Sentence

None this month of note

Thanks for your continued support and remember to join us on Facebook.                         

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South SNA

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