Sunday night and Saturday morning in Heeley

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Magic Lantern Film Club returns to Heeley with a double bill in September. 

SNSMOn the evening of Sunday 1st September, ReCycle Bikes will host the third Summer’s End Soirée. There’ll be bike races in the courtyard, freshly pressed juice from Abundance, and an outdoor screening of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Starring Albert Finney, this classic 1960 British New Wave film follows the exploits of Arthur Seaton, who survives the daily monotony of work (at Raleigh bicycles) by living for the weekend.

Then on Saturday 7th September it’s Saturday morning detention in the old Anns Grove school as the newly renovated Sum Studios hosts The Breakfast Club. Five high school students – a brain, a prom queen, a jock, a rebel and an outsider – find out they’re not so different after all.

Screening times and prices are;

Sunday 1st September 2013
Saturday Night Sunday Morning
@ Recycle Bikes, Thirlwell Road, Heeley, S8 9TF
Doors 7pm, Film 9pm (ish)
£donations please
Saturday 7 September 2013
The Breakfast Club
@ Sum Studios, 1 Hartley Street, Heeley , S2 3AQ
Doors 10.30am

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