Sheffield Creative Guild – become a Pioneer Member

Sheffield Creative Guild is a membership network that connects, supports and promotes creatives of all persuasions to raise the profile and status of the sector across the city and beyond.

Based at Sum Studios, Sheffield Creative Guild is a cooperative membership scheme for creative individuals, businesses and organisations which will launch with a big party on Friday 20th May at ROCO on Glossop Road.

Membership starts from £20 a year and includes;

The Guild Timebank has been set up to support the creative community and help individual members develop and grow by sharing their skills and knowledge. Timebanking enables individuals to trade using an alternative form of currency – ‘hour credits’. It will also make it easy to connect to people with the skills you need. All members are equal and everyone’s hour is worth the same, no matter the skill on offer. When you join the Guild you receive some starting credit and can choose the skills and knowledge you want to share. You can use the timebank to develop your own projects, learn a new skill or make something happen. The timebank is not about devaluing your skills or working for free but it is about making those relationships that already happen something that each member can gain from.

For more information or to sign up to the mailing list, go to or you can email Jane Dawson at