Heeley Voice Issue 50

Welcome to the 50th issue of The New Heeley Voice. To celebrate, there’s a special centre spread with Forty Years of News in Heeley.  See how much you can remember!

Back in the present, Heeley Development Trust give updates on important local news.  The lease has finally been secured for Anns Grove Community Hub building and work is due to start.  Sadly, some of the Millennium Park’s older trees need to be felled – the Trust explain why and ask you to comment.  You’re also invited to come and test drive one of Recycle Bikes new electric bikes.  Wheeeee!

We get reports of other summer activities from a number of groups and individuals.  Carfield kids have been working on Macbeth with the Royal Shakespeare Company (no less).  The Farm’s summer ‘dig’ on Richards Road unearthed finds that are now on show at Kelham Island Museum in the ‘What Great Grandfather Did‘ exhibition.  And SY Police have been giving local pupils a go with new speed-busting gizmos on roads in the South Community Assembly area.  Heeley has also acquired a flying ducks mural on Albert Road.

In our regular slots, Sid’s Sites looks back at the history of Newfield Hall before it was demolished in 1939, and the Back Page shows some of the new advertising formats we’re now offering.  [To get a copy of the New Heeley Voice’s advertising Rate Card, email: voice@heeleydevtrust.com or call 250 0613.  Local businesses and organisations who advertise with us report good response rates.]

To read more details of all this local news, click on the link below…

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