Heeley Voice Issue 47

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NHV Issue 47 > June 2010

Its the Heeley Festival on Saturday 19th June and this issue of the Voice features the build up to the big day!

The Gleadless Valley Safer Neighbourhoods Team and Partners will be kicking off a ‘Week of Action’ in Heeley on the 14th June and will be tackling lots of local issues in the week up to the Festival. If you are aware of issues that need to be addressed in the area, such as graffiti, vandalism etc, then please use the contact details in the article to let the Safer Neighbourhoods Team know.

There’s a fantastic mix of music, performance, food and lots of activities for young people at the Festival but this time the programme will also include an exciting ‘Heeley’s Got Talent’ event – local residents using all their creative skills to battle it out for the first Ponsfords Trophy!

Come along on the day and give your support.

Click on the image above to read the digital version of the Voice or use the links below to look at specific articles.   Thanks

Huge Boost for Millenium Park 

Do You Know About Heeley Advice Centre?

Happy Birthday! 

New Musical Director Needed  

Finney’s Are on the Move  

International Women’s Day  

Save Adult Community Courses!

Meet Mandy Clarke: Informal Learning Advocate  

Computer Classes … For Free! 

Update from the South Community Assembly   

New Church and Community Centre Rises from the Rubble   

Whats on at the Heeley Festival 2010   

Working together to reduce crime    

Heeley City Farm News 

Sheffield Renewables’ Model Making Session 

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