Learn to Hula Hoop in Heeley!

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Hula Hoop HeeleyHula Hoop Workshop

–      Have fun!

–      Exercise!

–      Learn a new skill!

The classes are suitable for total beginners, but the format means that people who have done some hooping before can come along and be taught more advanced moves.

The classes start with waist hooping but by the end of the session you will also be able to do some off-body moves and basic tricks (jumps etc). Future classes would move onto hooping on shoulders, chests, necks, legs etc. and  to start thinking about how to put the moves together.

The class takes place at the Heeley Institute, 147 Gleadless Road, Sheffield, S2 3AF

Monday, August 15th, 7.00-8.00pm

£4 per person (pay on arrival) Hoops provided (and available to buy on the day)

For enquiries or to be informed of future hooping classes email Helena at:

Or join the Facebook group: Hooper Dooper!