Get Out, Get Fit, Have Fun

Posted on September 18, 2012 by


Making friends and feeling like part of a community can encourage and inspire even the most static ‘couch potatoes’ to get out and get healthy, it’s nice to feel involved with others.

FunMeFit (http://www.funmefit,com) is a new, free community website based in Sheffield to help people of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities find some great community activities, sports, health advice and friends in and around Heeley, getting you enjoying life a bit more and helping you get involved in something.

Whether you’re someone looking to train in a particular sport following the successful Olympics, a sport or activity club wanting to share your events, classes and news for free in the community, a charity wanting to raise awareness and get more people involved in fundraising, an organisation working towards the same goal as FunMeFit, you can set up your free profile, promote yourself, find business links and partners, make friends or just have a look at what you can do in your free time.

You can find volunteer opportunities for you and your children, building confidence and skills for work or set up your own local community ‘group’. This can be anything from a fundraising group to a mother and baby walking group where you can invite friends or other FunMeFitters!

FunMeFit is a small, local, family-run business that uses social media like Facebook and Twitter to extend its reach to more people who may be currently inactive. We promote interesting and fun events, activities and sports across our website, blog and social media.

We even organise fundraising events for local charities that involve getting people active and healthy. You can chat away to other members on our discussion board and find useful resources for you and your family to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to join or for more information, go to: and check out the community. Your request to join will need to be authorised – just to protect our members from spammers or advertisers but then you can get started.

You can contact Kate or Matt Hill on or call 0114 3274152 for help and advice on getting involved if you’re not sure about how to do it. No matter who you are, we want you to feel like you’re part of an active community. Get involved, find something to do, get out and have fun!

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