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Published Date: 04 June 2010 – http://www.thestar.co.uk/headlines/300K-Sheffield-road-safety-projects.6342592.jp

ROAD safety improvements costing a total of £300,000 are set to take place around areas of South Sheffield

Sheffield Council’s South Community Assembly has been recommended to approve funding for six different schemes – the biggest of which is a £100,000 project near Greenhill School.

It involves developing zebra crossings around the Hemper Lane and Fox Lane roundabout, Greenhill, and constructing pedestrian refuges in the middle of roads on approaches to the junction.

Proposals for pedestrian refuges in the centre of Psalter Lane, Sharrow Vale, plus a pedestrian crossing and traffic calming at the Blackstock Road and Constable Road junction in Hemsworth are also recommended for approval.

And the community assembly is expected to grant funding for humps on Myrtle Road, Lowfield, plus a zebra crossing on Hemsworth Road, near Oakes Park School.

Funding to pave of verges on Lowedges Road, Lowedges, with blocks which allow grass to grow through but prevent them being churned up by parked vehicles are also put forward for funding.

The allocations are set to be approved at a meeting of the South Community Assembly on Thursday, from 6.30pm at St Peter’s Church, Empire Road, Sharrow.

Other projects have been deferred until the following year while more surveys are carried out.

These include plans for pedestrian crossings outside Carter Knowle Road, outside Carter Knowle School, Carter Knowle, and on Greenhill Parkway, Greenhill, plus a review of on-street parking on Dyche Lane, Batemoor.

Consultation will take place among residents living near each of the proposed schemes. All are set to be built by next April.

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