New ‘No Panic Sheffield’ Group to Start at the Heeley Institute

Posted on October 19, 2010 by


Almost a year ago Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Trust teamed up with national charity No Panic to develop local No Panic groups supporting the recovery of people suffering from anxiety disorders.

As many as one in five adults are thought to suffer from anxiety related conditions such as panic attacks, phobias or obsessive compulsive disorder. Having an anxiety disorder can be very debilitating. Significant levels of disruption to daily lives are experienced by some anxiety disorder sufferers, affecting relationships, work and other areas of life. Some people can find these things difficult to talk about – this can lead to feelings of isolation, helplessness and fear. Tackling this isolation, assisting people to work towards recovery, and getting some quality back in people’s lives are some of the aims of No Panic Sheffield. We do this by training and supporting volunteers who then deliver groups to anybody who wishes to join them.

Two recovery groups are being delivered successfully in central Sheffield by trained volunteers and No Panic Sheffield are now in a position to launch a new recovery group at the Heeley Institute. The recovery group will be led by trained volunteers and is for people who want to learn more about managing anxiety problems and meet others who have similar difficulties as a means of mutual support.  The group will provide a safe and confidential space for people to talk about and learn how to tackle their anxiety.

A working group is also planned, for people who want to follow a more structured programme in managing anxiety problems using cognitive behavioural approaches. This will be held in central Sheffield.

Anyone interested in attending will need to speak to a volunteer at No Panic Sheffield first to establish whether the groups will be suitable for their needs.  The Heeley group will be held fortnightly and people will be able to come for as long as they find sessions helpful.

To find out more contact No Panic Sheffield – 07505712164 or 07505712381