Sheffield Girls College Now Complete in Bagh Azad Kashmir

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In October 2005, a group from Sheffield visited Azad Kashmir following a massive earthquake which had destroyed most of the area’s schools, taking the lives of many residents. In response to the disaster, this group  set up a small charity with the task of re-building a Girls College, and are pleased to announce that the College is now almost complete.  The new Girls College is to be opened at Easter by members of the original delegation, including Maxine Bowler (Heeley Development Trust) and Kubra Assim (Heeley Asian Women’s Group).

 Maxine Bowler recalls, “When we embarked on this project, we could not have foreseen the obstacles we would face. Firstly, we had to find a new site for the College follow a seismic survey which showed that the original site was now unsound. Secondly, because the new land allocated by the government was mountainous, rock had to be blasted, land levelled and a road built.  Finally, we had to  transport all the materials over a long distance from Rawalpindi to Bagh.  We therefore believe that it is a real achievement to be finally opening the College”. 

Maxine went on to thank everyone who has supported the project and added that further funds are still needed to put the final touches to the College.  Cheques can be made payable to ‘KERF’  and sent to KERF c/o 58 Northcote Road, Sheffield S2 3AU.

Completion of the College is a great achievement, because this type of project can easily flounder. The College is something the people of Sheffield can be  proud of and represents real solidarity with the people of Azad Kashmir.

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