News from Meersbrook Bank School Spring 2010

Posted on March 1, 2010 by


As we settle into the 2010 with memories of beautiful Christingle and Nativity activities behind us, the children and teachers of Meersbrook Bank School are turning their enthusiasm and hard work into designing a new playground.

With the guidance and support of the teaching staff and the Friends of Meersbrook Bank, the children will be entering Playground Partnerships. This competition is sponsored by Kids First and £20,000 is available in prize money. All the children are able to participate. Whether or not the school secures any money through this project the pupils have a unique opportunity to make important choices about their  dream playground design.

Friends of Meersbrook Bank are continually working towards making this new playground a reality. The next fundraising event will be a film and popcorn night in March showing the film “Up”.

The Gardening Club will resume after the February half term. Any donations of seedlings or compost are most welcome.

If you are interested in joining Friends of Meersbrook Bank or would like information on our events please contact Lilly on 07941661269 or join our Facebook group.