Dancing in the Streets

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The ‘B-Roads’ Street Party this summer brought together the community living between Chesterfield Road and Meersbrook Park on Brook, Beeton, Binfield and Burcot Roads.

Brenda and Yo, both of Brook Road, headed up the organisation but more than 20 other residents joined the two planning meetings, and even more helped out on the day. Council permission was sought to close off the bottom half of the road, and local residents of the B-Roads didn’t take much persuasion to set out tables and chairs and turn up with a variety of cuisines, representative of the rich mix of cultures in Meersbrook: curries, samosas, tortillas, cakes, and industrial sized barbecues filled the air of a sunny afternoon with mouthwatering aromas.

B-Roads Street Dancing

B-Roads Street Dancing

There were DJ sets, street dancing, karaoke, a bunting competition, fancy dress and games. People of all ages turned up to join in – people who may have been neighbours for years, but seldom get the opportunity to gather together in one group. More than 200 people joined the fun between 3.00 – 9.00pm.

Yo said, “This is a brilliant place to live! The enthusiasm of so many neighbours got this party off the ground and created a wonderful atmosphere on the day. Life is certainly at its best when we get together.”

It cost £1.00 per adult to enter the street which covered the costs of the party, and a surplus of £100.00 was later donated to St Wilfred’s Centre on Queen’s Road and The Haiti Appeal.

After this year’s success, there may be future parties.  Anyone wanting to organise their own street party can find advice about road closures, insurance etc on www.streetparty.org.  Or, if you would like to get to know your neighbours without going as far as a street party, how about ‘Zocalo’? It is the Mexican word for ‘piazza’ or ‘town square’ where neighbours sit outside and talk.  Someone may bring a football or music or food, but it’s not a performance or a street party. nThe event is you, sitting outside your front door, meeting your neighbours. Check it out on www.zocalobrighton.org